SCCANZ Education

FACT: Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70.

As a health care professional, do you have the essential skills and knowledge to confidently manage Australia’s most common form of cancer?

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The Skin Cancer College of Australia and New Zealand offers general practitioners, skin cancer doctors and practice nurses a range of opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills in all aspects of skin cancer medicine. Whether you are seeking introductory or more advanced learning, we can meet your needs.

Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery

  • SCCANZ Certificate of Skin Cancer Medicine: This is the starting point for GPS wanting to expand their knowledge and skills in primary care skin cancer medicine. A two day, face-to-face workshop including hands-on surgical sessions, followed by an optional exam is required to be awarded a certificate.
  • Advanced Diploma of Skin Cancer Surgery and Medicine: A highly comprehensive course for doctors seeking advanced skills and knowledge in skin cancer medcine and surgery. Presented over two semesters (24 weeks total) via fortnightly online modules. Includes a mid-cours face-to-face four day surgical workshop.


  • Dermoscopy Workshop: A two day workshop introducing the fundamentals of dermoscopy. An exceleent course for GPs wanting to improve or refresh their understanding and ability in this essential skin cancer diagnostic technique.
  • Australian Diploma of Dermoscopy: Australia's leading Diploma in dermsocopy education; this comprehensive 24 week course commences with a 2 day, face-to-face workshop and continues with 10 fortnightly online modules presented over two semesters.

Skin Cancer Histopathology

Note: Awarding of a Certificate or Diploma is available only to candidates who successfully complete the assessment component of the respective course.